Trading Justice

In this episode, Matt brings on Greg Holmes and Tyler Craig from Tackle Trading on to discuss the current market recovery, commodities and have a great conversation on stop loss placement and philosophy for different types of traders.

1:20 Market Skyline

30:35 Stop Loss Placement

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In this episode, Matt, Mark and Greg Holmes from Tackle Trading discuss the latest market news in the market skyline before discussing three fundamental techniques in assessing value.

1. P/E Ratio

2. Book Value

3. Free Cash Flow

1:45 Market Skyline

42:25 Finding Value

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In this episode, Matt & Mark discuss the latest market news relating to FOMC and Ukaranian crisis as well as invite Frank Martin from Tackle Trading to discuss the Anatomy of the Bearish Breakdown:

1. Bearish Pattern

2. Liquidity

3. Price Confirmation

4. Reward to risk ratio

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In this episode Mark and Matt discuss the current market conditions and the Wall of Worry:

1) Military COnflict in Ukraine

2) FOMC normalizing rates

3) Inflation

4) Stagflation

5) Supply chain disruptions


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In this episode, Matt and Tim discuss the 5 key elements in a traders 'volatility playbook'. When markets start moving fast, and uncertainty arises, the degree of difficulty in trading also increases. Here are 5 things you can do in times like this to add to your volatility playbook:

1. Cash is a position

2. Reduce your timeframe

3. Reduce position size

4. Learn to scale

5. Match your bias

Before that, the boys discuss recent market conditions during our weekly Skyline. The situation in Ukraine, and the invasion of Russian troops, have captured the attention of the world. We discuss the economic actions by the west, including the removal of the SWIFT Payment system access between many countries and Russia. Listen in for our thoughts on stocks, commodities, and bitcoin.

1:45 Market Skyline

52:30 Volatility Playbook

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