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Welcome to episode 542 of the Trading Justice podcast where the Justice boys break down the eventful week in the market. Quite a week it was and we could do a separate podcast on three separate events from last week! First, Nvidia reported earnings and smashed estimates as expected but didn’t see any follow through on the gap up. Can we take anything from this? What does it mean for larger AI sentiment? BRICs had their big summit and invited a few more nations to the BRICs party. This has stoked a lot of headlines on “Death to the Dollar” and even more dramatic headlines. Matt breaks down a history of BRICs and the trends that have occurred in the last 15 years. The brothers discuss the significance moving forward. Also we had a little event at Jackson Hole last week where Jay Powell…well he used words in the English language but hardly provided any clarity or one might argue leadership. The Justice brothers have a lively discussion on this topic. A jammed pack podcast that you won’t want to miss. So sit back and you can be sure that the Justice brothers will always guide you by the stars regardless of any cloud cover and enjoy another edition of the Trading Justice podcast!

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Welcome to episode 541 of the Trading Justice podcast where the Justice boys break down the new bear market. Ok, it isn’t a new bear market but you sure would think it looking at the number of puts being bought and news headlines out there! Are bears setting themselves up for short-term pain this week? The Justice brothers break down the current oversold conditions. There are no shortage of catalysts this week between Jackson Hole, Nvidia earnings, ongoing developments out of China and the BRICs summit. What do the brothers expect out of each of these areas this week? What Jay Powell will show up this Friday? Will it matter? The brothers break it all down in the colorful and information style that you are accustomed to. All this, yields, Bitcoin, gold and much more so sit back, get your Jackson Hole drinking game ready and listed to another amazing episode of the Trading Justice podcast!

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Welcome to Trading Justice Podcast episode 540 where the Justice brothers bring it in another jam-packed podcast. The bears have had a little control lately but will it last? Matt and Mark break out the current technical environment and the “Battle of the 9s.” Falling moving averages on the daily chart. Rising moving averages on the longer-term trends. What are we looking for to help determine who wins this battle? The Justice boys break it all down. Yields have been rising lately putting pressure on stocks. With the economic calendar upcoming do the boys see any relief? The boys give their thoughts. An amazing podcast covering a tricky time in the market so sit back, grab a drink and listen to anther fantastic episode of the Trading Justice podcast.

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Welcome to episode 539 of the Trading Justice podcast where the Justice brothers break down a very busy week in the market. Fitch downgrades the U.S., Apple and Amazon release earnings, the bond market goes crazy…it was quite the week to say the least! The Justice boys break it all down in the colorful fashion that you are accustomed to. Earnings season is finishing up…where do we stand? What letter grade does Matt give it? Inflationary data is out this week as well…will some of the shine come off the bullish inflationary apple this week? So much to talk about. So much to discuss. Let’s do it in another triple AAA rated Trading Justice podcast!


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