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In episode 558 of Trading Justice, the coaches of Tackle Trading give their predictions for 2024 covering a wide range of financial forecasts, starting with the anticipated closing price of the S&P 500 on December 31st. The discussion then delved into which major index (S&P 500, RUT, DOW, QQQ) might outperform the others, alongside predictions for the best and worst performing sectors of the year. The coaches also speculated on the closing prices for gold and oil in 2024, as well as Bitcoin's position at year-end. Furthermore, they considered which commodity might emerge as the top performer and the number of rate cuts expected in the year. Finally, the episode was rounded off with one or two wildcard predictions, adding an element of surprise and broader perspective to the financial outlook for 2024.

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Welcome to episode 557 of the Trading Justice podcast where the Justice brothers break down a very eventful week in the market! The Fed and Powell surprised the markets this week with discussion of rate cuts in the coming year. This was quite the break from “higher for longer” type language as recent as a couple of weeks ago. What does this mean for the market moving forward? What does this mean for gold, the dollar, and other areas of the market. The boys break it all down. Plus, a little look back of the year that was as the Justice brothers get ready for the annual prediction podcast! It is that time of year where eggnog gets drunk, mistletoe is hung, and predictions are made. It has been a fantastic year of podcasts and you can expect more of the same here so sit back and get ready for another fantastic episode of the Trading Justice podcast!

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Welcome to episode 556 of the Trading Justice podcast where the Justice brothers discuss 5 reasons to own gold in your portfolio. The short-term price action behind gold may ebb and flow but the long-term case for gold ownership has never been stronger. Matt and Mark discuss five reasons you should own gold in the featured segment. Before that, the boys break down the market, the upcoming week of events, the stable technical patterns, why bonds should probably be a short-term fade and outline a case for oil. The Justice brothers have been on fire in recent months and this is a fantastic podcast worthy of your valuable time. So sit back, crack open the eggnog, and get ready for another wonderful episode of the Trading Justice podcast.

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Welcome to episode 555 of the Trading Justice podcast where the Justice brothers talk a little rotation. Rotation from one area of the market to another has been hard to find in 2023 as we have either had “everything is awesome moments” or simply the Mag 7 run. There has not been any classic rotation in 2023 but there are signs of that changing recently. The Justice brothers discuss rotation in the current market in their featured segment. The boys also break down gold (naturally), The Fed, copper and some concerns about the overextended rally while discussing areas of the market that look very favorable this week. A fantastic and relevant podcast for your listening pleasure. So sit back and crack your favorite beverage as you enjoy another marvelous edition of the Trading Justice podcast!

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