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In this episode of the Trading Justice Podcast, the Justice boys continue their series of interviews with students turned traders with Maria Diamond. Originally from Russia, Maria has an interesting journey from zero knowledge about the markets to the trader she is today. It was our pleasure interviewing Maria.

In addition, in episode 306 Matt and Tim analyze the market in the Market Skyline segment, answer questions from the student mailbag and play a game of Deal or No Deal. We always have a deal for you our listeners so sit back and enjoy this episode of the Trading Justice podcast.

  • Market Skyline: 1:38
  • Feature: Maria Diamond 21:20
  • Coaches Mailbag: 45:30
  • Deal or No Deal: 1:06:56
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In this episode of the Trading Justice Podcast, Matt and Tim bring back the Market Skyline to analyze the broad markets from the top. Stock prices have started the year with a nice bullish move, and the most common patterns developing on charts are the V-shaped recovery.

Intro: Tim Justice
1:00 Market Skyline
36:30 Interview with Grant
59:00 Coaches Mailbag

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In episode 304 of the Trading Justice Podcast the Justice boys tackle the concept of the 7 steps to trading. The stock and options markets can be great ways to invest into stocks, commodities, indexes and many other products. To do so, you need to have a step-by-step plan. In the 7-step guide to trading we walk you through those steps so as a new investor you have structure and a road map to follow.
1. Start at the Top of the Markets
2. Choose an Investment strategy
3. Find and Analyze potential Investment Candidates
4. Plan the Investment
5. Place the Investment
6. Manage the Investment
7. Journal each Investment

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In episode 303 of the Trading Justice podcast the Justice brothers dive deep into the world of covered calls. Matt and Tim just finished creating and releasing the Tackle 25, a unique cash flow trading list and the brothers break down what went into the list and how it can help investors in 2019. In addition, the boys talk about different stocks on the list including each of them naming one stock they would own for the next decade. The podcast finishes off with the Coaches Mailbag and an impromptu discussion on many hot button political topics that you certainly do not want to miss. Get your investing side hustle on right now by diving into the world of cash flow in this episode of the Trading Justice podcast.


Intro: Tim Justice

1:38: Feature Presentation 

29:23: Tackle 25 Application

1:09:05: Coaches Mailbag

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On episode 302 of the Trading Justice podcast the coaches break out the crystal balls and make their predictions for 2019. From the stock market, to oil, gold, politics and even a bit of pop culture the Tackle Trading coaches gather together in a fun filled podcast. While certainly entertaining, the coaches also take a serious look at what may happen in 2019…one that could be pivotal for the markets. So as the calendar turns from one year to another we wish you all the best in coming year and hope you enjoy this episode of the Trading Justice podcast.


Intro: Tim Justice

2:06: Feature Presentation Predictions

45:23: Predictions Pt 2

1:12:05: Predictions P3

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