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In this episode, Matt, Tim, Mark and Emily Muiruri get together to make predictions for the markets in 2021. This is a long standing tradition on our podcast.  At the end of every year, we put on our best thinking caps and speculate about what will happen in the market over the next 12 months. These are the questions each coach answers:

  • What will be the price of the S&P 500 at the end of 2021?
  • What will the price of gold be at the end of 2021?
  • What will the price of silver be at the end of 2021?
  • What will the price of oil be at the end of 2021?
  • Which precious metal has the best 2021? Silver, gold, platinum, or palladium?
  • What will the price of Bitcoin be at the end of 2021?
  • What will the price of the dollar be in 2021?
  • Will small caps over or under perform in 2021?
  • What will be the worst performing sector in 2021?
  • What will the best performing sector be in 2021?
  • Will IPOs continue their hot streak?
  • How many interest rate hikes will occur in 2021?
  • Will Stay-at-home stocks such as Zoom, Peloton and Teledoc do better in 2021 versus reopening plays such as Cinemark, Cheesecake Factory and Carnival Cruise?

Listen in to hear our thoughts, insight and outright speculation about what may happen in 2021.  

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In this episode, the coaches get together to discuss last years predictions and receive Volker and Bernanke awards for the best and worst ones. At the end of each year we make predictions for the next year on stocks, gold, the US Dollar, Bitcoin, Oil and more. Listen in as we discuss a year that was in the markets as Coach Mark determines who wins Volker's for the best predictions and Bernanke's for the worst.

Before that, we analyze the major stories in the market during our Skyline. Congress is voting Monday on another round of stimulus, but, the volatility in stocks came over the weekend in European trade. Early Monday morning, stocks started selling in a reaction to new concern out of the UK over a mutated Covid-19 strain, lockdown measures and fresh travel restrictions. But, prices quickly were bought up during the US Markets in an impressive bullish response. Listen in as we discuss the news and price action.

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In this episode, Coach Tyler Craig joins us to discuss his recent newsletter published on the Trading Justice website on how to build an investment portfolio.  Learning to think properly about portfolio design is important for every investor, and Tyler does a great job explaining the difference between speculation and investing. Listen in as Coach Tim and Tyler discuss these topics during our feature presentation.

Before that, the Coaches analyze the big picture stories and themes in the market during our skyline. Stocks are holding near all time highs as a few storylines have dominated the discussion. A new stimulus proposal is being discussed, the Pfizer vaccine is now being shipped and there's another FOMC meeting this week. We analyze all of the action during this weekly segment.

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We welcome Pete Thomas back to the podcast for a lively discussion on all things precious metals. Pete is a senior Vice President at the Zaner Group, an expert in the metals markets, and a friend of the Trading Justice podcast. Listen in as Matt and Pete discuss the current state of the metals market and get some great insight into how to approach it moving forward.

Before that, we analyze the entire market from stocks to bitcoin during our Market Skyline. Markets are at or near all-time highs on most indices as the themes have stayed intact for the last 5 weeks of trading. Can we break and run higher? We discuss that question and more during this weekly segment.

Lastly, we play a game where we guess facts about the weather.  Coach Mark has found some interesting facts about weather from tornadoes, to hurricanes to temperature changes.  Listen in for a few laughs.

2:05 Market Skyline

42:50 Pete Thomas

1:31:20 Random Weather Game

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In this episode, Coach Noah and Frank join the boys for a draft of the Dow 30 companies. In the month of November, the Dow Jones Industrial Average increased 13% which was the best month it's had since January 1987. We decided to look at all 30 companies in the index and pick them one at a time, per coach, if we were building a portfolio for 2021. Listen in to this fun segment with the coaches as we analyze these companies.

Before that, we analyze recent news and price action in our Market Skyline. Stocks have been pushing towards resistance as we finish the month. Can price break and run into December? We discuss the charts and give our insights into the current market condition during this weekly segment.

Lastly, Coach Noah and Tim discuss the value of education and the recent promotion from Tackle Trading.

2:50 Skyline

52:05 DOW Draft

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In this episode, we decided to spend some time reminiscing. It's our 400th episode!  And, through the years, we've had incredible experiences, guests, conversations and the best audience in the business. During our feature, we talk about all of the things we're grateful for and tell stories about our favorite guests and what we love about doing this podcast. 

Before that, Mark and Tim analyze the current state of the market's during our Skyline. Stocks were up again on Monday, for the 3rd Monday in a row. There is another story about the coronavirus vaccine, and the progress being made.  Astrazeneca released some of their trial results, and it's becoming more apparent that the world will have a functioning vaccine in early 2021. We analyze the market response as well as the continued theme regarding sector rotation that has been in play for 3 weeks now.

Lastly, Coach Mark has a game called 'closest to the hole' where we guess random bits of trivia. 

To all of our listeners, we want to tell you, thank you.  We appreciate you more than you can know, and at this time of year, we have a nice reminder to express our gratitude to the people that matter. 

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In this episode, we welcome Coach Tyler Craig back to the podcast to discuss the topic on this month's newsletter regarding beta weighting your delta. As you're trading and investing, your portfolio will change over time as you add or subtract positions and as those positions build profit or losses.  Measuring your portfolio delta through beta weighting can give you the information you need to understand your risk in your portfolio. Listen in as Tim and Tyler discuss the value, mechanics and purpose of beta weighting your portfolio delta.

Before that, Matt, Mark, Tim and Tyler discuss the recent market action during the skyline.  Stocks are starting this week on a bullish note again, and for the second week in a row we have a positive story regarding one of the Covid-19 vaccine trials.  Moderna released data on Monday that investors cheered regarding their trial. We're seeing strength in sectors like Industrials, Materials and Energy recently.  We discuss all of the news of the week and how we're interpreting it during this weekly segment.

Lastly, Coach Matt has a game for Mark, Tim, and Tyler where they guess which video game titles were released by which video game companies.  Do you know who made some of the most popular games out there today?

1:44 Market Skyline

42:10 Tyler Craig

1:07:30 Game on Game

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In this episode, Matt, Tim and Mark discuss the themes that are developing after the US elections last week. Before the election, investors were focused on what the results would be and the market response to it.  Now that the election has happened, the market turned bullish very quickly, and now the conversation has changed for market participants.  During the feature presentation, we discuss the new themes that are emerging from our perspective, and Coach Matt details how he sees these themes playing out over the next few months and through the next few years.

Before that, we analyze the current market conditions during our Skyline.  Stocks gapped higher on Monday after Pfizer announced some recent data regarding their vaccine trial.  Stay at home stocks like Peloton and Zoom shot lower, while re-opening stocks like airlines, cruise lines, restaurants and others shot higher.  We discuss the current conditions and how we're reading the action during this weekly segment.

In our last segment, we review some of the election predictions from last week's show and discuss what the team got right and wrong in their predictions.

2:16 Market Skyline

42:30 Market Themes

1:38:55 Election predictions Recap

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This week in episode 397 of the Trading Justice podcast we go deep into this week’s election with a series of predictions regarding the upcoming election. First, in the Market Skyline, Coach Matt and Mark are joined by Tackle Trading coaches Noah Davidson and Cody Maki to discuss the market risk in the short-term if there is a contested election. Needless to say, the coaches are not too keen on the short-term market if there is a drawn-out contested election. Coach Matt also asks each of the coaches to analyze what specific combinations of election outcomes (Biden/Republican Senate, Trump/Republican Senate, Biden/Democratic Senate, Trump/Democratic Senate) would mean for the market over the next six months. There is so diverse and great insight in this section.
In the next segment, the coaches make a series of election predictions on who is going to win. The answers range from a Trump landslide to a significant Biden victory. All the coaches give deep analysis in their reasoning. This good-natured debate was incredibly fun even with such wide-ranging opinions. Who will be right in their predictions? Well as predication podcasts go probably Kayne West!
Have a great week and we hope you enjoy this special edition of the Trading Justice podcast!

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In this episode, Matt, Mark and Tim discuss the upcoming election scenario's and their market implications. There is much on the line this coming Tuesday, as Vice President Biden and President Trump make their last efforts to convince voters. What will the market do if Biden wins, Trump wins, or if there is no clear winner on election night? What are the implications if the Republicans or Democrats win the Senate? We discuss all of the hypotheticals during our feature presentation.

Before that, we analyze the broad markets during our skyline. Stocks sold off again this week, with a lack of a stimulus deal, election uncertainty, and tepid response to earnings reports, stocks broke down below key support levels. We discuss the current market conditions, and what we expect over the next week in stocks and commodities during this weekly segment.

Lastly, Mark has a game for Matt and Tim on election trivia.

1:45 Market Skyline

29:50 Election Scenarios

1:10:20 Election Trivia


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In this episode, we welcome Coach Greg 'Old Money' Holmes to the podcast to discuss seasonality in the market as well as the Christmas Rally. At this time of year, from Oct - Dec, the market has historically done well. From a monthly perspective, November is one of the most bullish months of the year, on average. Matt, Tim, Mark and Greg discuss the seasonal expectations from markets and how we use the information during our feature presentation.

Before that, Matt, Mark and Tim analyze the broad markets during our skyline. Technical charts, stimulus headlines, the election and earnings season are all on the minds of traders.  Stocks have been on a five day retracement, and traders are watching key technical levels to see if they hold.  We discuss the market implication of these themes, and what the latest information is telling us, during this weekly segment.

Lastly, Coach Mark has a game where we guess the most popular Christmas characters as voted on by kids and adults.  Santa and Rudolph made the list, some of the others weren't so easy though.  Listen in as we have some fun guessing who's the most popular (many fun incorrect guesses were involved).

2:15 Market Skyline

37:30 Santa Clause Rally

1:12:55 Random Game


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In this episode, we bring Coach's Noah Davidson and Tyler Craig onto the podcast to debate whether Stocks or Options are better products to trade with.  In this weekend's scouting reports, Coach Noah made his case for stocks as the best product while Coach Tyler laid out his case for options to be the best product.  Listen in as we have some fun debating the merits of both.

Before that, Matt, Tim and Mark analyze the broad markets during our weekly skyline.  Stocks have broken out, and are currently rallying on bullish momentum.  The major storylines have been around the potential for fiscal stimulus and this week's start of earnings season for the market.  Listen in as we give our insights into the markets.

Lastly, in the spirit of the Lakers winning the NBA championship, Coach Mark asks Tim and Matt to guess which NBA players are in the top 15 of all time.  The great debate is about who holds the #1 spot - Lebron James or Michael Jordan.  But, it's fun to talk about some of the other greats as we guess the names on this list.

1:55 Market Skyline

37:40 Stock Options Battle

1:20:40 NBA Game

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In this episode, we welcome Dean Beckette back to the podcast.  Dean is a financial markets trader, specializing in stocks and options using the Boomerang strategy.  He's been a student and trader of the market for nearly a decade.  Tim and Dean sit down to have a conversation about how he's approaching market's in 2020, what advice he would give beginners and more during our feature presentation.

Before that, Matt, Mark and Tim analyze the broad markets during our Market Skyline.  Stocks have fared well the last 10 days as support formed, and prices have rallied towards daily resistance.  The market is more optimistic about the prospects for a stimulus deal happening amidst a lack of corporate news.  Can the market break and run?  We give our analysis and thoughts about the current state of the market during this weekly segment.

Lastly, Coach Mark has a game for Tim and Dean where we guess song's based on their lyrics.  Dean is a wonderful Karaoke King, and loves music, so this will be a tough one for Tim to win.  Listen in to this fun segment.

2:35 Market Skyline
33:25 Dean Beckette
1:13:53 Karaoke King

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In this episode, the team get's together to discuss the Future of Retirement.  The current state of retirement, with savings, retirement accounts like 401k's and IRA's, pensions and social security is complex and severely lacking.  Many people lack the retirement savings needed to actually stop working and retire comfortably.  We discuss an idea we came across recently from Bill Ackman where every child born would be given a $6750 account to grow over time.  Listen in as we analyze this idea and discuss retirement from a big picture level.

Before that, we analyze recent market action during our Skyline.  Stocks have rallied off support the last 3 days pushing back towards short term resistance.  Price action has been technically driven with a lack of significant news.  Can the rally continue?  We discuss that question and give our insights into the current state of markets during this weekly segment.

Lastly, Coach Mark has a game where we guess the worst endings to TV shows ever.  Have you ever had a show you loved, that just ended miserably?  We all have, and we talk about some of the worst of all time during this fun segment.

3:15 Market Skyline

48:10 Retirement Idea

1:52:37 Worst TV Endings

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In this episode, the boys talk about the history of retirement in the United States.  Over time the concept of retirement has changed.  As people live longer lives, government and corporations have adapted their approach to retirement planning from pension plans to contribution plans like 401k's.  We detail the history of that evolution and discuss the key moments that have brought us up to 2020 as well as some of the problems that exist in the system.  Next week, we will examine the future of retirement.

Before that, we analyze the broad markets during our Skyline.  Stocks have been selling recently, breaking below technical levels.  When volatility increases, emotions tend to increase as well for individuals.  We analyze all of the important themes developing in the markets today across stocks, commodities, currencies and economics in this weekly segment.

Lastly, Coach Mark asks Tim and Matt to guess the best 10 places to retire in our weekly game.  If you could retire anywhere, where would you go?  Someplace warm?  A state? A country?  We have some fun guessing what the top destinations are.

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In this episode the team gets together to discuss the role and value of using watch lists in your trading.  Watch lists are commonly used by traders to keep track of specific tradable instruments, like stocks, ETF's, commodities or currencies.  They can help a trader improve efficiency and productivity in a daily routine by staying organized.  Listen in as Coach Mark, Noah, Matt and Tim discuss how they use watch lists.

Before that, the team discusses recent market action during the Market Skyline.  Stocks are battling between technical levels as the bulls and bears try to gain control of the momentum in price.  The news cycles have lightened up, so the focus will be on these price levels for the market.  We analyze all of the potential catalysts we see moving forward, as well as some individual company news during this popular segment.

Lastly, the boys play a game where they guess recent Guinness Book world records that Coach Mark has found.  How far can someone throw a hot dog and catch it in a bun?  How fast can someone solve a Rubix cube while simultaneously juggling?  There are some crazy records out there, and we have some fun discussing them.

2:10 Skyline

57:55 Watchlists

1:39:05 Random Game

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In this episode, we welcome Tyler Craig back to the podcast to discuss his recent newsletter Price Gaps and Potholes he wrote for Trading Justice.  During our feature, Coach Tim talks to Tyler about the 4 types of gaps he wrote about including Common, Breakaway, Exhaustion, and Catastrophic. Listen in for insight on how to understand these gaps and how Tyler approaches trading them.

Before that, Matt, Tim, and Tyler discuss the recent price action during our Market Skyline. Last week had 3 separate jobs reports highlighting the current state of the labor market.  Also, stocks sold off on Thursday sharply after hitting the all-time high on the Nasdaq and S&P 500 just a day before.  We break down the reasons for the sell-off and what opportunities we see from the pullback.  

Lastly, Matt asks Tyler and Tim to guess which stock best reflects a Christopher Nolan movie - the famous director of films like The Dark Night, Inception, Dunkirk, and more.

2:15 Market Skyline

38:30 Price Gaps

1:10:45 Game 

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In this episode, we are joined by Jake Larmour to discuss the current state of Bitcoin in 2020.  Originally hailed by anti-central bank investors, Bitcoin has evolved over the years into something different than what was originally conceptualized.  It's gaining more mass-adoption from traditional investors and corporations.  Is it storage of value?  Inflationary protection?  Something else?  We discuss Bitcoin in all of its glory, and if you're interested in the crypto-currency, this is a must-listen.

Before that, we analyze the current state of financial markets during our Skyline.  Stocks have had one of their best performance in the month of August in decades.  Much of the price action can be attributed to technical trends and the Federal Reserve's pivot recently on their policy stance.  Can the Fed Put keep the markets moving higher?  We analyze all of the action and give our insights during this weekly segment.

2:33 Market Skyline

1:26:20 Bitcoin

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In this episode, Coach Tim sit's down with Coach Mark to discuss his recent newsletter on Bearish arguments on the stock market- also known as Bear Porn.  The bullish rally in the market has been strong over the past few months - even breaking out to new all time highs on Monday's trade.  What could derail the momentum train?  Mark details some of the most compelling bearish cases during our feature presentation.  Listen in to learn, and challenge the bullish case, so that you can be better prepared for what's to come.

Before that, the boys discuss the recent price action during our market skyline.  Apple hit $2 Trillion dollars in market cap, we still don't have a stimulus bill and there's continued rhetoric on the US/China front.  We break it all down during this weekly segment.

Lastly, the boys read a top 10 list of ways the world might end.  Whether it's nuclear holocaust, artificial intelligence taking over or a super-volcano erupting, we discuss some of the scenario's that frequently are featured in post-apocalyptic Hollywood movies and decide if they drive our anxiety or not.

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In this episode, we speculate on the future of the US Dollar as the final part of our series.  The US Dollar has been the #1 reserve currency dating back to the first part of the 20th century.  As we move forward, will it dominate the top spot or be replaced by something else?  We talk about all of the factors that have brought us to this point and the potential for many future outcomes including the dollar remaining dominant, the Chinese Yuan, the Euro, the SDR and more.  Listen in as we discuss this critical topic.

Before that, we analyze the broad markets during our Market Skyline.  Stocks have maintained bullish trends while market participants wait for clarity on further government stimulus.  Also, Berkshire Hathaway and Warren Buffet released their quarterly 13f filing that revealed a purchase in Barrack Gold and Kroger Grocery.  Get our takes on all things regarding the market during this weekly segment.

Lastly, Coach Matt and Tim speculate on the NBA playoffs which started this week.  Will the Lakers and Bucks take the #1 seed all the way to the finals or will there be a dark horse rise up?  

3:40 Market Skyline

58:10 Reserve System

2:38:50 NBA Predictions

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In this episode, Coach Matt teaches the history of the US Dollar from 1971 through today.  In the last 49 years, our currency system has been dominant globally.  The US Dollar's #1 reserve status has been unquestionable, but there have been many major developments through the decades that have impacted our currency and economic systems.  From the removal of the gold standard, the adoption of the petrodollar, introduction of the SDR, the Euro and the IMF's changes to include the Chinese Yuan in SDR, there has been a lot of major developments.  Coach Matt walks us through the timeline and gives context to the major points and takeaways that you should know.

Before that, Coach Mark, Tim and Matt interpret and anlalyze the markets during our skyline.  Stocks have remained bullish, at large, on the backs of a technical uptrend, bubble economics and developments from executive orders from President Trump and in the face of continued strife between the US and China.  Listen in for all of our analysis.

Lastly, Coach Mark plays a game with the boys called 'closest to the hole' where Tim and Matt guess questions related to money.

2:35 Market Skyline

59:30 History of Currency II

2:02:20 Closest to the Hole

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In this episode, Coach Matt details this history of Currency and the US Dollar.  Everyone today recognizes the US Dollar as the world's reserve and #1 currency in the world.  It's not always been the case, though.  Listen in as Matt details the history of currency, and specifically the US Dollar up through 1971.  

Before that, Tim, Mark and Matt discuss the current state of the markets during our skyline. It was a big week in the markets, with major earnings announcements, a Fed meeting and a record bad quarterly GDP report on the US Economy.  We break it all down for you.

Lastly, Mark has a game where we guess the top people who've ever 'fallen from grace'.  Matt and Tim give their best guesses across sports, politics, history and entertainment in this fun segment.

2:06 Market Skyline

53:33 History of Currency

2:10:40 Rank em


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In this episode, Matt, Tim and Mark discuss the 7 Step Guide to Trading.  When you trade the markets, it's best to have a step by step process to ensure you're building trades properly.  The 7 Steps to Trading, as taught through our free course at Tackle Trading, teach you how to build your trades through this process.  Listen in as the boys discuss each step, how they approach them, and what you need to think about when you're using this methodology.

Before that, there is a lot of news to analyze during our Market Skyline.  Earnings season is in full swing, with over 200 companies on the S&P 500 reporting this week alone including Apple, Google, Facebook and Amazon among other big names.  Also, the next round of stimulus is being discussed in Washington which has important market implications.  And, to boot, Gold and Silver have rallied on one of their strongest weeks in a long time while Bitcoin is now breaking out.  Listen in for all of our opinions and insight.

1:50 Market Skyline

1:22:15 7 Steps to Trading

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In this episode, Matt and Tim sit down to discuss the Art of the Reversal, an important technical analysis concept that develops through five specific steps. The steps include slowing momentum in trend, a double top, a double bottom, a breakdown and then the Kiss of Death.  Each step has specific characteristics you need to identify as well as actions you should take when they develop.  Listen in to learn about the Art of the Reversal and what you can do when you identify these characteristics.

Before that, we analyze the broad markets during our Market Skyline.  Stocks have held up quite well through the first week of earnings season.  The market is waiting for clarity on what the next stimulus package will be from the government as well.  Can the trends hold?  We break down all of the action and news from our perspective to give you guys the insight you need.

Lastly, we answer questions in our Coaches Mailbag.  We answer questions regarding brokers, naked puts, investing and day trading options.

2:25 Market Skyline

52:10 Art of Reversal

1:40:35 Coaches Mailbag

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In this episode, we welcome Pete Thomas back to the podcast to discuss gold, silver and the metals markets.  Pete is a Senior Vice President at Zaner Precious Metals and an expert on the metals market with decades of experience and insight.  Listen in to this fun, lively conversation about the current state of the markets and where he sees gold and the other metals moving next. Pete is a frequent guest of the podcast over the years and always a great conversationalist.  

Before that, the boys analyze the broad markets during our Skyline.  Stocks have been bullish heading into the week and stalling on Monday in front of earnings season.  Will the bull rally continue?  Much of the market response will depend on how investors react to corporate earnings, which kicks off this week with a bunch of major announcements scheduled.  Get all of our analysis during this weekly segment.

Lastly, Coach Mark asks Matt and Tim to pick over/under for a list of key stocks with earnings in regards to how we think they'll perform over the next quarter relative to the market.  Goldman Sachs, Wells Fargo, Domino's Pizza and Taiwan Semiconductor are a few names we analyze during this fun segment.

1:50 Market Skyline

29:30 Pete Thomas

1:37:20 Earnings Game

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In this episode, the boys get together to review the first six months of the year in markets.  At the beginning of the year, we posted our predictions, as we always do, and it's been a wild ride through the first half for the financial markets.  We look back at some of our original predictions, talk about what we got right, what we got wrong and discuss how we think things might play out for the rest of 2020.

Before that, Matt and Tim analyze the broad markets this week during our Market Skyline. Stocks held support, and have rallied, Oil is holding it's trend while stalling at resistance, and gold keeps pushing towards the 1800 resistance zone.  Listen in as we analyze all of the action across markets.

Lastly, Mark asks Matt and Tim to make some predictions in the world of politics for the rest of the year.  During this political season, there are a lot of races under contention first with the White House, but even within the House and Senate.  How do we see it all playing out?  Listen in for our best guesses.

2:04 Market Skyline

51:20 2020 Predictions Review

1:43:40 Political Predictions

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In this episode, Tim sit's down with Matt to discuss the state of Financial Education in 2020.  Matt is the CEO of Tackle Trading, the architect of the STEP System course which teaches Stop Loss, Targeting, Entry Triggers and Position sizing to traders, and the co-host of this podcast.  Listen in as Matt talks about the approach to proper education, how to develop as a trader and how to use the STEP System course.  

The STEP System course is currently being offered at a 50% discount.  If you're not enrolled yet, you can do so here:

Before that, Mark and Tim analyze the current state of the markets during our skyline. Stocks are at support after a back and forth month.  The current risk in the market lies in Covid-19 cases spiking, continued tensions from China, bad economic data and a lack of further stimulus from the goverment that the market expects.  Will support hold?  That is yet to be determined.  We give you all of our insights and thoughts on the current state of markets during this section so you can be better informed.

Lastly, Mark has a game for Matt and Tim where we guess what acronyms are most popular via text message.  In today's form of communication, text is one of the most popular.  How do you shorten your conversations?  Have some LOL's with us while we have some fun guessing which ones are most popular today.

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In this episode, Matt, Tim and Mark discuss the current state of financial markets including some specific themes that are developing across different stock groupings.  Stocks have been resilient holding their current upward trends and patterns.  Participants have ignored recent Covid-19 data by and large, and have instead focused on buying into stocks in the Blue Chip category and pandemic specific plays.  Strength in these specific groups have been clear, while questions still remain regarding companies that are dependent on a re-opening of the economy.  We discuss all of the action during our Market Skyline and break down the difference of a V, U, W and L shaped recovery.  Listen in to get all of our analysis on these topics.

After that, Coach Mark has a game ready where he reads quotes from Federal Reserve Chairmen from the last 4 decades and Matt and Tim have to guess who said them.  Volker, Greenspan, Bernanke, Yellen and Powell have all had some interesting things to say over time, and we have some fun trying to name the person who matches up with the quote.

2:20 Market Skyline

1:33:10 Name that Quote


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In this episode, we welcome Noah Davidson to the podcast.  Noah is a trader, coach, instructor and charting specialist.  We talk to Noah about the recent technical conditions in stocks, Bullish Retracement patterns, how to qualify them and what he likes to see when they occur.  Listen in for a veteran traders insights into the conditions we see today.

Before that, Matt, Tim and Mark analyze the major themes in the market during our Skyline.  The Federal Reserve met last week, and markets reacted to their policy statement with selling.  Thursday's trading was the biggest drop in a few months for one day.  Along with that, we've seen an uptick in Covid-19 cases recently.  What does it all mean?  We break it down and give you some insight into how we're seeing this market reaction and the conditions in front of us right now.

Lastly, we bring back a popular game 'Clown of the Week' to have some fun.  All four coaches submit a candidate to earn their clown shoes.  This is a fun segment, that we have some laughs with.  Listen in to see if you agree on who deserves the award.

2:55 Market Skyline

37:30 Noah Davidson

1:18:30 Clown of the Week

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In this episode, we welcome Keith King back to the podcast to discuss current market conditions, trading in these environments, and the long term fundamental outlook.  Keith is a veteran trader, former market maker on the Boston and New York stock exchanges, mentor, and excellent teacher of how to trade.  Listen in for his insights, wisdom, and perspective on how to trade in this market.

Before that, we analyze all the market from a top-down approach in our Market Skyline segment.  Stocks have been very bullish, breaking out and holding trends.  The entire market has been in a Risk-taking mode for some time.  Will it continue?  Matt, Mark, and Tim discuss and provide our insights during this weekly segment.

Lastly, Coach Tim asks the boys quiz questions about some of the greatest quarterbacks of all time.  The quarterback is one of the most important, and most discussed, positions in sports.  Who has the most passing TDs of all time?  Interceptions?  Sacks?  We have some fun talking about sports during this segment.

2:00 Market Skyline

41:26 Keith King

1:51:30 Random Game

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In this episode, we welcome Jabon Wilson back to the podcast.  Jabon is a trader, entrepreneur, great conversationalist, and student of the markets.  We talk to Jabon about his journey, his recent break from trading, his comeback, and how he's approaching the markets right now.  We also ask him for his perspective on the recent protests around the country.  Listen to what he has to say, as there is a lot of great insight and gems of wisdom.

Before that, we analyze the broad market conditions during our Market Skyline.  Markets have held their bullish trends, with the S&P 500 breaking above resistance, the $3000 price level, and 200-period simple moving average.  Can they maintain the bullishness?  We break it all down for you during this weekly segment.

Lastly, we play a game where we guess the best athletes of all time from a list Coach Tim found.  Sports is something we truly love, and any great debate or conversation over who is the best is something we're going to dive right into.  Listen in as we have some laughs and talk about some of the greats.

1:50 Market Skyline
36:15: Jabon Wilson
2:19:20 Best Athletes

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In this episode, we welcome Brandon Diaz back to the podcast.  Brandon is a Real Estate investor, an entrepreneur, a public speaker, and a very engaging person.  Matt sits down with Brandon and asks him for his insights across many topics including Commercial Real Estate, Rehabs, Rentals, and how Brandon is handling this market now and what he expects in the future.  

Before that, Matt, Tim, and Mark analyze the major stories during our Market Skyline.  Stocks are pressing up against resistance as prices have held strong amidst concerning fundamental data, uncertainty, and more.  But, the bulls have been firmly in charge.  Will that continue?  Listen in for our opinions about where this market is and where it may be heading moving forward.

Lastly, we play a game with Brandon, and the boys, where we take 16 of the distressed companies and bracket them in a tournament-style competition.  We analyze the head to head match-ups on stocks like Boeing, Wells Fargo, Six Flags and Planet Fitness, to name a few, and vote on who is the better 10-year play as a Buy Low candidate. 

1:45 Market Skyline

30:20 Brandon Diaz

1:26:20 Bracketology of Bottom Feeding

Direct download: Trading_Justice_374_Brandon_Diaz_on_Real_Estate.m4a
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In this episode, Matt, Tim, Mark and Noah get together to discuss the topic of how to insure your investments.  In the markets, there are many available products you can use to take risk away from a particular trade or portfolio.  Insurance isn't something always that exciting to buy, but it can be extremely helpful and necessary when you need it.  Listen in for our insights into this important topic and get some tips and tricks on how to approach the topic of using insurance including Put Options, Selling Call Options and Position Sizing.

Before that, we analyze the markets from a top down perspective during our Market Skyline.  Jerome Powell was on 60 minutes on Sunday talking economics, several companies have made progress on clinical trials on a vaccine and the general 're-opening theme' is on track.  Will the bullishness continue?  We break down the fundamental and technical arguments during this weekly section so that you can hear our thoughts.

Lastly, we play a game of 'would you insure this?'  Ever wondered if you need alien abduction insurance?  Wedding insurance?  Lost car keys insurance?  There are lots of wild insurance products out there, and Coach Mark has compiled a list of them to ask us what we would insure.

1:50 Market Skyline

1:00:40 Buying Insurance

1:35:45 Wierd Insurance

Direct download: Trading_Justice_373_Portfolio_Insurance.m4a
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In this episode, we welcome Jake Larmour back to the podcast.  Jake is a friend of the show, frequent guest and trader who brings fun, energy and solid analysis to the show.  First, we analyze the markets from a top down perspective during our Market Skyline.  Stocks have held their up trends during this recovery.  What can derail the bulls?  We analyze the fundamentals, technicals and news to give our insights on the current market condition

After, that, we have a 16 stock bracket based competition where we analyze two stocks at a time, and move one forward based on majority vote.  Tim, Matt and Jake have some fun analyzing some of the biggest names in the marketplace and asking and answering the question 'who would you rather hold for 2 years?'.  It's a tournament-style bracket, with one final name to take the top spot.  

Lastly, I ask Jake to analyze the recent Bitcoin halving that occurred Monday.  In Bitcoin, Halving occurs every 4 years as a planned part of the process of reducing supply, curbing inflation and can effect mining and pricing of the cryptocurrency.  

1:15 Market Skyline

55:20 Stock Bracketology

1:55:40 Bitcoin Halving

Direct download: Trading_Justice_372_Stock_Bracketology.m4a
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In this episode, we welcome Guy Cohen back to the podcast.  Guy is an author, trader, technician and market analyst who brings great insight into the current conditions across the markets.  Coach Tim sits down with Guy to talk about a lot of topics including the V shaped recovery, the impact of a supply disruption with China and his take on the future of stock price potential.  Enjoy the conversation as much as we did.

Before that, Coach Matt, Mark and TIm discuss recent market conditions during our Market Skyline.  Warren Buffet made news over the weekend by announcing he'd dumped his airline stocks, hasn't bought back into the rally and is continuing to raise cash.  Alongside that, President Trump said he's willing to slap tariffs back on China.  As we venture through earnings season, stories like this cloud the fundamental backdrop of a market that's made a great rally off the lows.  Get all of our thoughts during this weekly segment.

Lastly, we honor the life of Don Shula, the great Miami Dolphins football coach who passed on Monday.  We discuss the great NFL coaches of all time and talk about how football might look in the fall.  

2:00 Market Skyline

37:40 Guy Cohen

1:23:00 NFL Coaches

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In this episode, Matt, Tim and Mark break down the bullish stock thesis currently prevalent in the market. We take 6 specific themes that the bulls are touting right now and analyze them one at a time based on their validity.  

1. The worst of Covid-19 economic impact is behind us

2. There is a ton of cash on the sidelines

3. Leadership in Quality and Growth stocks will hold the market up

4. An expectation of more positive news on Covid-19 therapeutic treatments

5. The willingness to look past earnings in 2020 towards 2021

6. The Fed put will boost liquidity and keep a floor to stock prices

As a team, we analyze these one at a time and rate their validity between 1-100.  Listen in for our insights, critique and analysis of these themes.

Before the feature, we analyze the markets during our market skyline.  One of the biggest stories has revolved around Oil, short term volatility and long term potential if the supply/demand dynamic can fix itself.  There is a good debate during this section, that we are sure you'll enjoy.

Lastly, we play a game of Set the Odds on topics ranging from the best NFL QB drafted this year to the likelihood that Joe Biden won't be the Democratic nominee on the presidential ballot.  It's a fun section, and one where Tim gets to play the judge between Mark and Matt.  It's a fun section that we hope you laugh a few times with us through it.

1:00 Market Skyline
1:05:20 Feature
2:15:30 Odds Makers

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In this episode, we examine the recent market conditions across stocks, commodities and currencies.  Stocks have rallied the last few weeks on the backdrop of Government Stimulus, Federal Reserve QE programs and general optimism.  But, Oil has been volatile and in the May contract went negative pricing in the futures market.  Are we in a market recovering, on one cratering just waiting to go lower?  Listen in as we discuss all of the themes across financial markets.

During our feature, we discuss the recent volatility in Oil and the contango that has developed in the futures market.  In the first time in the history of oil, the WTI contract traded for negative prices, moving all the way to -$40 per barrel on the May contract.  What does it mean moving forward?  Well, we don't know, but we're willing to dive in and give the best analysis we can in these crazy times.  Listen in.

Lastly, we play a game of buy or sell during a segment where coach Mark pitches companies to the coaches and asks 'would you buy at a deep discount?'  We have some fun making some guesses about future price action during this segment.

Direct download: Trading_Justice_369_Negative_Oil_and_Contango.m4a
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In this episode, we welcome Larry Velasco to the podcast.  Larry is a trader, an academic, lifelong learner and long-time member of our community.  Listen is as we talk life, trading and the current economic conditions with Larry.  

Before that, we conduct a full market review during our Market Skyline piece.  Volatility remains high, but the bulls have stayed in control.  Will it continue?  Time will tell.  In the meantime we've had interesting corporate news as well as volatility in oil.  Get all of our analysis during this weekly segment.

Lastly, we play a 'Rona' edition of the game locked in for some levity.  Listen in as we ask either other 'would you rather' scenarios that apply to the current lock down.

Direct download: Trading_Justice_368_Larry_Velasco.m4a
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In this episode, we welcome Pearl Li to the podcast.  Pearl is a trader and investor from the Seattle Washington area.  She has been a part of our community for 4 years and has gone through many mentorships, coaching programs and taken courses to develop her skills.  She's also recently become a blogger and coach for Tackle Trading. Listen in as we talk to Pearl about her journey, her perspective and approach to the markets.  

Before that, Mark, Noah, Pearl and Tim analyze the recent market conditions during our Skyline.  Markets have been volatile, and resilient, as the price action tries to bottom.  Will that price action continue?  Get all of our analysis during this popular segment.

Lastly, we play a game where we name some of the best re-watchable movies of all time.  What is your go to movie that you've seen many times that you'll watch when you need to unwind?

Direct download: Trading_Justice_367_Pearl_Li.m4a
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In this episode, Mark and Tim welcome Coach Gino and Noah from Tackle Trading to discuss the recent market conditions and potential investment thesis' moving forward.  The market is being split into different groups, and how they are interpreting the recent news.  Some market participants are screaming to buy now, others to wait until more clarity develops and then some are now simply bearish.  Here are the 3 main investment thesis' we're seeing develop right now.

#1 - Buy the dip - sooner than later

#2 - Buy the dip - after we get more information

#3 - Sell the rally's - the Market is now Bearish

Where do you fall?  We discuss all of these different camps and break them down one at a time from our perspective.  

Next, Coach Mark has compiled a list of Bearish arguments and presumptions of what can happen as a result of the Coronavirus outbreak.  Tim, Gino and Noah rank them from 1 (not likely) to 10 (very likely) in reaction to these presumptions.  It's a fascinating thought exercise, and one we know you'll get value from listening to.  

Lastly, Mark has a game where we guess what are the top 10 american foods.  What is the iconic food you think of when you think of 'American' food?  Hint, Twinkies doesn't make it.

Direct download: Trading_Justice_366_-_INvesting_Thesis_and_Bearish_Risks.m4a
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In this episode, Matt, Tim and Mark welcome "The Godfather' Keith King to the podcast to discuss the recent market volatility, day trading, the Coronavirus and more.  Keith is a veteran trader who has been in the markets for decades, first as a floor trader on the Boston then New York Stock Exchange.  He has tremendous insight and experience that welcome in a time like this. 

Listen in as we first discuss the Market dynamics in our Market Skyline and then stay for a Feature Presentation where we ask Keith for some tips on how to navigate these conditions.  

Lastly, Coach Mark has a question for the panel where he asks what restaurant we would all like to go to once this all settles down.  Where is your must visit place to eat and enjoy a meal?

1:45 Market Skyline

42:00 Keith King

1:03:45 When its all over

Direct download: Trading_Justice_365_Keith_King.m4a
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In this episode, we welcome Jake Larmour back to the podcast.  Jake is a trader, investor and public speaker.  He started trading at a young age of 20 and has been in the markets for 5 years.  His approach to markets is dynamic, including day trading, options trading, futures trading and investing.  Listen in as Matt and Tim have a discussion with Jake about how he's approaching the markets, what he's learned through the process and more.

Before that, we analyze stocks, oil, bonds, gold and other markets during our Market Skyline.  The recent volatility has been severe, and prices of most risk on assets were down sharply on Monday in response to continued Coronavirus risk to the global economy as well as Saudi Arabia's recent decision to push more oil out on the markets.  Listen in as we break it down for you.

Lastly, we play a game where Coach Mark reads absurd news headlines and asks us to rate them from 1-10 on how absurd they are.  

1:40 Market Skyline

47:40 Jake Larmour

1:13:30 Absurd Headlines

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In this episode, Matt, Tim, and Mark get together to discuss the recent market volatility and massive sell-off that occurred last week in stocks.  Stock indexes sold precipitously after news of an expansion of the virus.  Stocks sold straight down for 6 days and bounced on Monday.  Will the bounce continue?  We examine the action during our Market Skyline and then dig deeper into the potential narratives moving forward during our feature presentation.

The market expects the FED to cut interest rates by 50 basis points in the next meeting, will that be enough to get buyers back in?  That is one potential narrative.  Another is that the virus expansion will slow down consumer behavior, travel, and consumption leading to a disruption in global supply chains.  Listen in for all of our thoughts and analysis on which narratives will be the ones to pay attention to.

Lastly, we read some very good and bad 'Dad' Jokes just to lighten the mood.  Wanna hear a joke about procrastination?  I'll tell it to you later.

1:45 Market Skyline

41:30 Coronavirus Narratives

1:10:00 Dad jokes

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In this episode, we welcome Pete Thomas back to the podcast to discuss markets, metals and recent volatility.  Pete is a Sr. Vice President at Zaner Precious Metals, has been trading and investing in markets for decades and is one of the leading experts in the marketplace on metals.  Listen in as Coach Matt interviews Pete and discusses topics ranging from gold, palladium, the Coronavirus outbreak and Fed policy.

Before that, Tim, Matt and Mark discuss recent market volatility during our Skyline.  Stocks started the week down big as the fear of the Covid-19 outbreak is expanding beyond China's borders.  Cases in Korea, Italy and Iran have increased, and the markets are spooked by it, at least in the short term.  Will the volatility continue?  The short answer, is we don't know.  But, we'll analyze all of the information for you and give you some insight into the news and the action.

Lastly, we play a game of Name that Quote from famous movies.  Coach Mark has some of the best movie lines of all time, and Matt and Tim are asked to name the Movie, and the year it came out.  

1:34 Market Skyline
36:07 Pete Thomas
1:13:20 Quote This

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In this episode, the boys are joined by a friend of the podcast, Jake Pelley.  Jake is a veteran trader, father, and author.  In his nearly 10 years trading the markets, he has amassed thousands of trades using varying strategies like naked puts, credit spreads, and directional plays.  He has a unique perspective, and we get a chance to talk to him about what he's seeing, how he's approaching trading in 2020 and more during the conversation.  We know you'll enjoy this one.

Before that, the team discusses recent trends in stocks, commodities, currencies and more during our Market Skyline.  China has pushed stimulus programs into their system to help offset the risk of the Coronavirus impacting the global economy.  In the short term, it has worked, and stocks are moving higher.  In this risk-on environment, many US companies have continued to show strength. Listen in as we discuss the headlines and more.

Lastly, Coach Mark has a trivia game about US Presidents for the team.  Coach Tim finally won a game last week, can he extend it with a follow-up victory?  If you love history, and specifically, Presidential history, you'll have some fun listening to this segment.

1:35 Market Skyline

32:10 Jake Pelley

1:13:10 Presidential Game



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In this episode, Matt, Tim and Mark are joined by Coach Emily from Women in Trading to discuss Portfolio Design.  Investment portfolios include stocks, bonds, currencies, commodities and real estate owned by an individual.  Within brokerage accounts and retirement accounts, traders and investors can design their accounts strategically to meat their risk tolerance and target their goals.  How you allocate capital, which strategies you use, how you manage risk and position sizing are all rules that must be defined, and when put together it's called Portfolio Design.  Listen to the team discuss these very important topics, including position sizing, the Risk of Ruin, Diversification and Prospect Theory during our feature presentation.

Before that, they analyze recent trends in stocks, commodities, futures and global markets during the Skyline.  The oronavirus keeps spreading, but stocks keep rallying.  Oil has been selling precipitously and so has copper.  Is the global economic risk from the coronavirus being priced in?  It seems so in Oil, but not in stocks.  Listen in to the team discuss what is happening across the markets.

Lastly, Coach Mark has a fun game of Jeopardy for Matt, Tim and Emily.  The categories include In the News, Commodities, Upgrades and Downgrades, Stocks, Sports and 'There's no way you know this'.  This is a fun segment, and we hope you enjoy it.

1:15 Market Skyline

37:00 Portfolio Design

1:24:25 Jeopardy

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In this episode, Matt, Tim and Mark discuss economics and the current state of the economy.  Is the traditional business cycle dead?  Recently at the World Economic Forum, we heard commentary about the end of the old days and how Modern Monetary Theory and Policy will forge a new way into the future.  Have traditional booms and busts been replaced with a never-ending condition of low interest rates, inflation and higher asset prices?  We will discuss this idea, it's flaws, and some of the economic history that brought us to this current place in today's economy.

First, we analyze the markets and the reaction to the outbreak of the Coronavirus.  Stocks have been volatile the past week, while oil has sold off precipitously and gold has held its trend.  In the midst of it, the Fed had another policy meeting and confirmed its current interest rate and policy is here to stay in the short term.  Listen in for our breakdown of the news, price action and more.

Lastly, we play a game where Coach Mark asks us which vacation spots are the worst to travel to, according to a recent post.  We have some fun with this one, so make sure you listen through to the end.

Market Skyline 2:06

Feature: 46:50

Game: 1:48:50


Direct download: Trading_Justice_359_Is_the_Business_Cycle_Dead.m4a
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In this episode, we discuss the implications of the recent outbreak in China of the coronavirus.  Global markets have been selling off the last few days as the reported cases of this virus have increased and the death toll has risen.  What does it mean for stocks moving forward?  Coach Mark and Tim analyze all of the price action across stocks, metals, oil and currencies during our Market Skyline. 

During the feature presentation, we welcome Coach Cody from Tackle Trading to help us understand this virus and it's risks.  We will examine what we know, look at some historical data and other cases that are similar in historical markets including those from MERS and SARS.  Listen in for some context, perspective and analysis that can help you better understand what is going on and what it might mean for you and your investment decisions.

Direct download: TJ_Podcast_358_The_Coronavirus.m4a
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Welcome to Episode 357 of the Trading Justice Podcast! In this episode, we welcome to Tyler Craig to discuss option strategies with a deep dive into straddles. Whenever earnings season comes around, many options traders break out their options playbook and pull out this unique and powerful options strategy. Matt and Tyler go deep into their discussion of this strategy and this is sure to be an enjoyable listen for new and experienced traders alike.

In addition to our featured presentation, this TJ episode carries with it all the bag of goodies you come to expect: market analysis, answering student questions, breakdown of news, fun, laughs and even two minutes of Max Loss. So sit back and enjoy another episode of the Trading Justice podcast!

0:59 Market Skyline
41:33 Options Earnings Strategies
1:20:30 Coaches Mailbag

Direct download: Trading_Justice_357_Earnings.m4a
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In this episode, we welcome Teri Ijeoma to the podcast.  Teri started her professional career in education, and transitioned to trading to pursue her goals to travel and stay at home to work.  Listen in as Coach Tim interviews Teri about her journey's, her trading routine and trading mindset.

Before that, Coach Matt, Tim and Mark analyze the markets during our skyline.  Tensions in Iran have been high, but recently deescalating.  Phase one of the Trade Deal between China and the US is set to be signed this week.  But, maybe more importantly, the corporate earnings season is kicking off this week with many major companies reporting their Q4 results.  Get all of the analysis you need during this popular section.  

Lastly, Coach Mark has a game of Buy-or-Sell for Matt and Tim.  In this fun game, Mark has some statements, headlines and projections that he asks the boys to either Buy or Sell ranging across topics but this is a very fun segment, we know you'll enjoy it.


Direct download: Trading_Justice_356_Teri_Ijeoma.m4a
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In this episode, Matt and Tim discuss the Tackle 25 release for 2020.  Each year, the coaches at Tackle Trading build their watch lists for the Tackle 25.  This list serves as a candidate list to trade Covered Calls, Naked Puts and other strategies used by options traders throughout the year.  Matt explains how we built the list, what stocks made the cut and those that did not.  They also discuss the Dividend Fireworks, Poor Boys Covered Call, and Dirty Sexy Money watch lists.  This is a very informative podcast, and you'll get a lot of a value out of it.

Before the feature, the team discusses the recent news regarding Iran and it's impact on the markets.  Finally, Coach Mark has Noah, Matt and Tm rank the recent jokes from Ricky Gervais at the Golden Globes.

Direct download: Trading_Justice_355_Tackle_25.m4a
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