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Welcome to episode 495 of the Trading Justice podcast. The Wall of Worry continues to add new bricks seemingly every day but should investors panic or be looking for opportunities in the coming months? What areas of the market bottomed out first in previous major bear markets such as the Financial Crisis and dotcom? What lessons can we learn from those two time periods? Matt and Mark discuss in the featured segment

Mark also asks Matt thoughts on the Fed, the chaos in the currency markets, the importance of the upcoming earnings season and other topics the market is grappling with. Come listen to anther dynamic edition of the Trading Justice podcast!

1:30 Market Skyline

38:30 What Bottoms First

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Welcome to episode 494 of the Trading Justice podcast just one day ahead of the Fed meeting. What will the Fed do tomorrow? What will Jay Powell’s tone be? Will he break out the dad voice again? Where will interest rates cap out? Mark has several questions for Matt around the Fed, interest rate hikes and what it means for the market moving forward.

Mark and Matt also discuss the current bearish thesis, recent news surrounding FedEx and Ford and the unhinged nature of algo rhythmic trading. All that delivered will only half the volatility of the current market. Come listen to anther dynamic edition of the Trading Justice podcast!

Market Skyline: 1:20

Five Fed Questions: 32:00

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Welcome to Trading Justice 493 where Mark and Matt breakdown the recent price action surrounding the release of the CPI report that showed Inflation slightly jumped month over month but the market bears pounced on the data.

CPI: Consumer Price Index is a preferred Inflation for the FED

Market Skyline: 1:30


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In episode 492 of the pod, Mark and Matt take a journey through the market skyline discussing the importance of the support levels in the market index (3900) and Crude Oil (85-86). They also discuss a theory in the market regarding the market finding a bottom in a majority of stocks but not the major blue chips.

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