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Welcome to episode 551 of the Trading Justice podcast where the Justice boys break down the market. Gold breaks out of 2000 to end the week and the boys discuss what they need to see for additional adds to the portfolio on their favorite pet rock. While gold was destined to break out of the sentiment important 2000 barrier, the S&P 500 would be giving up the 200-day moving average this week. What is behind the move? The Justice brothers break down the sentiment surrounding equities. Lots of moving pieces in the market and the brothers analyze it in the fashion that you have come to expect. Have a wonderful week ahead

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Welcome to episode 550 of the Trading Justice podcast where the Justice brothers discuss the current market conditions. Wall Street’s biggest bear, Michael Hartnett, turned tactically bullish. What was behind his call? The Justice brothers break it down and the key important 4200 level associated with that call. Matt has been discussing the importance of this zone for some time now from a technical perspective and the brothers discuss the patterns that could occur in this pivotal time in the market. The brothers also discuss earnings, oil, gold, bitcoin in depth in a period in the market where you want to keep your ear to the ground and your eyes on the screen. A lot to break down in the market right now and the Justice boys do it again in the high energy, analytical and informative manner you are accustomed to. So sit back, get ready for the 4200 support zone test and enjoy another fascinating edition of the Trading Justice podcast!

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Welcome to episode 549 of The Trading Justice podcast where the Justice brothers make the case for a 4th quarter rally. A lot of negativities in the market as we get into the final quarter of the year but the boys see the development for a notable rally if a few variables fall in line. The brothers discuss these variables including earnings, a Fed pivot, seasonality, technicals, and sentiment. There certainly is a case and the boys discuss how the final weeks could play out. The boys also discuss the role oil plays as a hedge in this environment and the case for oil as a hedging vehicle for the coming months. The brothers end the podcast with a discussion on gold. It is a timely and important podcast and we hope you enjoy the content. Have a wonderful week everyone!

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Welcome to episode 548 of The Trading Justice podcast. The horrific attacks on Israel and the resulting declaration of war have left a long shadow on the market as we enter the new trading week. The Justice brothers somberly discuss the current situation and the market ramifications. Technical analysis will play a large roll in the coming weeks as will earnings season. Coach Matt provides a detailed look at the upcoming earnings season and is a must listen as we prepare for a pivotal moment in the market. There is a lot of potentially volatility in the market with the state of the world, Fed, inflationary data, and Fed speakers this week as earnings season kicks off on Friday. Charts will tell some very interesting stories in the coming days. Our hearts are with the people of Israel as we start the week.

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Welcome to episode 547 of The Trading Justice Podcast where the Justice boys break down the current volatile market backdrop. The market starts the week with a bit of good news with government shutdown postponed but macro continues to weight on the markets. The rising dollar, yields, and oil have had a direct correlation to the market volatility in September. What do the brothers see as the next act in this play? Both of the brothers are on board for a 4th quarter rally. What do they need to see in the charts first? A fantastic conversation this podcast that spans macro to the Fed to commodities. So strap your seatbelts (Drinks will be served of course) as you enjoy another edition of the Trading Justice podcast!

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