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In this episode, the boys are back to make their predictions for 2020.  One of our favorite traditions on the show is to project what we think could happen in the next year when we get to the beginning of a new year.  What will happen in the stock market?  Which sector will be strongest?  Crude Oil?  Gold?  The Dollar?

Making a projection for any instrument a full year in advance is an exercise in educated guessing, and we always say 'this is really hard this year' for a reason.  But, we do it anyway!  And, we have some fun while we make our educated guesses.

Tune in to hear Matt, Tim, Noah and Gino give their predictions, analysis and insight in this fun and lively podcast.  Coach Mark also has a lot of random questions at the end asking for predictions in sports, pop culture, movies and politics.  


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In this episode, all of the coaches of Tackle Trading join us to review the predictions they made to start the year.  In ep. 302, Coach Matt, Tim, Noah and Gino gave their predictions on what they thought would happen in Stocks, Gold, FAANG stocks, the Dollar, Oil and lots of fun and random topics. 

How did they fare?  Well, Coach Mark will let them know and give out either Volcker (good) or Bernanke's (bad) as we review those predictions and have some fun talking about all of the action in the markets in 2019. 

It was an interesting year, and a very bullish year for risk on investors.  Making predictions is always a difficult thing to do, especially when you're looking to the full next year, but we had some right, some horribly wrong, and we laugh and talk about all of it during this enjoyable podcast.

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In this episode, Matt, Tim and Mark discuss the Boomerang Trading Strategy.  A powerful strategy for cash flow, the Boomerang Trade involves selling naked puts on stocks and ETF's that a trader is willing to own, collecting credits, and then if assigned 100 shares per 1 short put contract, turning around and then selling Covered Calls against those shares.  It is a complete system and wonderful approach to trading.  We invite you to listen in and hear the coaches thoughts on this technique.

Before that, we discuss recent events and market action during our Market Skyline.  The major stories have revolved around the Federal Reserve not changing interest rates and the US/China Trade war getting some positive traction in the discussions.  Stock prices are very bullish on the news this year, and we're pushing into all time highs.  Will it continue?  Get our full analysis during this popular segment.

Lastly, we review how our NFL picks have fared so far this year.  We love football, and the boys picked teams earlier in the year in to see how many wins they could accumulate.  We have some fun talking football and the NFL season, it's a segment you're sure to enjoy.

1:52 Market Skyline

51:05 Boomerang Trade

1:23:09 NFL Game Update

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In this episode, Lane Mendelsohn from Vantage Point Software joins us for a conversation about trading, software, artificial intelligence and more.  Lane Mendelsohn, President of Vantagepoint AI, has been involved in the financial industry for over 25 years. Vantagepoint, founded by Lane’s father Louis (Lou) Mendelsohn, was the first software company to develop the first artificial intelligence trading software in the world available to retail investors and traders.  Listen into our interview of Lane and get some insights he has on today's markets.

Before that, we review all of the market action in our Skyline.  Stocks have been bullish the last few months.  Will the run continue?  Hear our thoughts about the state of price action and a tribute to Paul Volcker, the ex Fed Chair, who recently passed away.

Lastly, we take questions from our mailbag across a variety of topics including how to get started in trading, how to trade on the last day of expiration, which delta a trader should use if they use weekly's and lastly a fun question from Quora about what songs are good to Karaoke.


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In this episode, Coach Emily, Noah, Mark and Tim discuss how to manage call options in the Covered Call, Poor Boys Covered Call and Bear Call Spread strategies.  Entering a good trade is easy, managing a trade to profit is the hard part.  Listen into the coaches for insight into how they approach these different strategies and some tips on how to manage call options in each different strategy.

Before that, Mark and Tim discuss the current market conditions during our market skyline.  Stocks are pulling back in response to trade war news, will it continue? Get our full analysis and insight during this popular segment.

Lastly, we answer questions from our community during our coaches mailbag section. Some of the questions include a Hall of Fame traders weekly routine and how to respond to winning big during nice moves in the market.

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