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Welcome to episode 529 of the Trading Justice Podcast where the Justice Boys dive into AI and semiconductors. The story of the week was the amazing, stunning, and breathtaking revenue guides out of Nvidia and Marvel technologies late last week. This truly caught the market off guard last week as it became apparent that AI was not just a hypothetical thing in the future…that is happening right now. The boys dive deep into the world of semiconductor companies and AI in general in this podcast. There is also some political theater happening over the weekend in Washington with the debt ceiling. President Biden and Speak McCarthy reached a tentative agreement on the debt ceiling but what hiccups could unfold in the coming days? The boys dive into the scenarios. One scenario that we are sure of, that you with enjoy this episode of the podcast so sit back and enjoy as you listen to another episode of The Trading Justice podcast!!!


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Welcome to episode 528 of the Trading Justice podcast where the Justice boys dive into the different themes that can impact the market this week. The conversation gravitated often towards the cyclical areas of the market as tech has had a monster run (a little overextended heading into the week perhaps?) but cyclicals have barely participated. As the NASDAQ has clearly broken resistance and set new 52-week highs what will it take for the S&P 500 to do the same? Probably a little cyclical participation!!! In addition, Matt talks about retail earnings which were a little concerning and what he is looking for in that area of the market while Mark discusses his new found love for cash flowing regional banks. All that and debt ceiling chatter, a new 0DTE disturbing trend, AI and much, much more! One disturbing trend that you will never encounter is blocking that time each week for the Justice boys so sit back and enjoy another episode of the Trading Justice podcast!!!

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Welcome to episode 527 of the Trading Justice podcast where the Justice boys talk debt ceiling! The market is about to enter a little lull the next few weeks without a Fed meeting, earnings season, or major economic reports to focus upon. That sets the stage for it to obsess and hyper sensationalize the upcoming debt ceiling debate! The debt ceiling played a major role in 2011 and in typical Trading Justice fashion, the boys dive back into history to see what we can learn. What roll did technicals play? What are the parallels to today’s situation? How should one position themselves ahead of the coming market drama? The boys break it all down in an entertaining and informative podcast…as you would expect. So sit back and know that we will never default on you as you listen to anther fantastic episode of the Trading Justice podcast!

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Welcome to episode 527 of the Trading Justice podcast where the boys break down the market themes in the market! As earnings comes to an end, Matt gives the overall earnings a grade in the C/D range but both Mark and Matt both agree that even this poor grade is a win for the bulls. C’s get degrees!!! AI, a Fed pause, Mega-cap results, a recession that seemingly never comes…the bulls have some ingredients to work with but do the boys feels this is a bullish environment or more of one of stability and cash flow. Listen to find out. Not every theme working for the market right now is positive as issues in the banking system and the return of stagflation certainly create a sloppy backdrop to say the least. Of course, gold is discussed as well as we head into an inflation report card week with CPI, PPI and inflation expectations on tap. One thing for certain, is that you will always get an A from us on your report card so sit back and enjoy another episode of the Trading Justice Podcast!!!

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Welcome to episode 525 of the Trading Justice podcast where the Justice boys do what they do best…break down the top news stories driving price action! While recession, inflation, stagflation, and The Fed will undoubtedly fight for the market’s attention in the coming months, right now it is all about earnings season. Big cap tech certainly stole the headlines this week but was the reaction warranted? How are earnings overall doing this season? Are we seeing broad participation in all the sectors? Matt breaks down all the data and the boys do a look ahead at the coming week. Gold is also holding an interesting short-term support level as we start the week. How will the upcoming debt ceiling fight play into gold? This in addition to look at commodities, crypto and the upcoming Fed meeting in another jam-packed podcast episode. However companies do this week in earnings, you can expect this podcast episode to beat the top and bottom line! So sit back and enjoy another episode of the Trading Justice podcast!!!

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