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In this episode, we welcome Rob Embers to the podcast.  Rob is the CCO of Dionach, a cybersecurity expert and technology industry veteran with over 20 years’ experience.  He works with companies to build cybersecurity procedures and protection.  Listen in as we discuss the current state of cybersecurity, some of the biggest risks out there for individuals, companies and governments and what his advice is on how people can better protect their data and information.

Before that, Matt, Tim, and Mark discuss the latest developments in the financial markets during our Market Skyline.  Trade War rhetoric and news has been dominating markets the last week where one day it seems like the US and China are not making progress and then the next day, they are back at the negotiation table.  What should we expect next?  Aside from the Trade War, we had a significant speech from Jerome Powell last week on monetary policy at the Jackson Hole summit.  Powell admitted there is no ‘rule book’ in an environment like this but reiterated the fed will ‘act as appropriate to sustain the expansion’.  Mark and Tim also disagree on the risk in the Oil market and its outlook during a spirited point/counterpoint.

Lastly, Mark has a list of topics during our ‘Buy or Sell’ segment.  Will Apple outperform the market the next month?  Will the FED cut interest rates?  Are defensive sectors the best play in the market?  Will the economy move into a recession in the next 6 months?  Mark asks Matt and Tim to buy or sell these different outcomes and a few more during this fun segment.  This is a fun podcast, enjoy!

1:52 Market Skyline

47:30 Rob Embers Cyber Security

1:21:17 Buy or Sell the Headline

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In this episode, we welcome Greg Holmes to the podcast to discuss trading, investing and the current market conditions.  Greg is a coach at Tackle Trading, the author of the Rookie Corner blog, a veteran trader, a mentor for Legacy Education and a friend of the podcast.  Being a Canadian trader, Greg has a unique perspective.  We talk about volatility, risk, strategy, software, systems, setting goals and more during this value packed interview. 

Before that, Matt, Tim and Mark review the markets during our skyline.  Stocks have been volatile and sensitive to trade talks, tariffs, the inverted yield curve and the expectations of the fed on how they’ll navigate these muddy waters.  Listen in to get our analysis. 

Lastly, we discuss fantasy football.  As the NFL season approaches, we are big fans of the sport and playing fantasy football in general.  We review some of our favorite players by value, draft strategy, and some of our players we will avoid by position and some we can’t live without.  Bonus get a few sleeper ideas for your upcoming drafts.

1:52: Market Skyline

41:10 Greg Holmes

1:13:08 Fantasy Football

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In this episode, the boys discuss the Naked Put strategy.  Selling puts is a bullish cash flow strategy.  A trader benefits as time passes, as implied volatility falls and as the stock goes up.  Listen in for some tips and tricks on how Matt, Tim, and Mark use Naked Puts including what delta’s they like to use, how much time they like to trade them in and general approaches to position sizing and risk assessment.

Before the feature, we discuss the broad markets during the weekly Skyline.  Stocks have been under pressure in August due to the trade war, international risk and general risk aversion from investors.  Will the selling continue?  Get our takes on the indexes, commodities and currency markets.  BONUS: we have a discussion on indicators and which ones we like and don’t.  It’s a fun segment, jam-packed with content.

Lastly, Mark has a game of ‘Fake or Real News’ for Matt and Tim to play where he has headlines he reads and asks the boys to answer if they think it’s Fake or Real news.  Here’s a headline: Tim breaks his podcast game losing streak!  Is it fake or real?  You’ll have to tune in to find out.

1:33 Market Skyline
44:38 Naked Put
1:20:00 Fake This

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In this episode, we bring Tyler Craig on for an interview.  Tyler is a contributor and coach at Tackle Trading and a frequent guest of the podcast.  Tyler writes the Tales of a Technician Blog, the Options Theory blog and regularly hosts webinars and creates scouting reports for the Tackle Trading community.  Listen in to the discussion between Tim and Tyler about a range of topics from market cycles, how to handle volatility, the proper role of insurance and more.

But first, in the Market Skyline, the team discusses the recent market action across equities, economic data, bonds, interest rates, gold, oil, and bitcoin.  Stock prices have sold off in the last week after the Federal Reserve lowered its base rate by 25 basis points, the trade war and currency war between the US and China has escalated and earnings season has had little impact.  Will the selling continue?  What is the impact of the Chinese Yuan being devalued against the US Dollar?  Listen in as we discuss these questions.

Lastly, Mark, Tim, and Matt pick their NFC teams in anticipation of the NFL season.  Last week we selected AFC teams, and this week we’re drafting the rest.  Football is one of our favorite past times so it’s simply fun to talk about the sport and project how we think these NFL teams will end up this season.  Who’s your favorite team?  Based on his recent record in podcast games, if Tim picked them, you might be in for a rough year.

1:42 Market Skyline

31:30 Tyler Craig

57:46 Drafting NFL NFC teams

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