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Welcome to episode 538 of the Trading Justice podcast which is brought to you by the number 3.5. 3.5% is the forecast of the Atlanta Fed’s GDP now model for the coming quarter for GDP growth. This is a surprise number dropped on the market on Friday and has ramifications for all areas of market. The Justice boys break down the ramifications of an accelerating economy that will put the “recession is coming” conversation to rest for the foreseeable year. Gold, currency, tech, small-caps, oil, cyclicals, bonds…the Justice Boys break it all down in this jam-packed podcast episode. So, sit back and pick your favorite adult beverage with higher than 3.5% content and enjoy another episode of the Trading Justice podcast!!!

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Welcome to episode 537 of the Trading Justice podcast where the Justice boys talk earnings, rotation, and a sneaky busy week ahead. There is certainly a “rotational feel” to the market as we end the week with cyclical areas outperforming and having some nice potential setups as we head into the coming week. What will it take for this rotation to take two or three legs up? The brothers discuss and identify some stocks that might benefit in the coming week. Rotation into one area often comes at the short-term expense of another and the Justice boys talk about what growth areas need in order to reenergize themselves this week after volatility to end the week. Can Microsoft and Google earnings do it? What about META? The boys dive into all the key events for the coming week. Where are we with earnings at this point? Matt breaks down the data. All this and gold analysis and much more in a jam-packed edition of another amazing Trading Justice episode!!!

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Welcome to episode 535 of the Trading Justice podcast where the Justice boys talk a little earnings. Earnings season is quickly approaching us and Mark interviews Matt on why earnings are important, how to measure earnings season success, how traders look to trade earnings season and analyzing the themes that emerge. Earnings season can be the source of a lot of action and you certainly want to be prepared! The Justice boys will certainly help you do that in this podcast. Before the earnings discussion the boys spend a bit of time discussing the interesting technical development in the market. Will it be a continuation pattern or a reversal pattern? How should you approach this week and what should you be looking for from a technical perspective. The brothers break it all down. This and much more including the yield spike, golds curious behavior and much, much more in a jam-packed episode of another Trading Justice podcast.

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Welcome to episode 534 of the Trading Justice podcast where the Justice boys discuss “Why Bulls Won the First Half.” This is a very informative discussion between the Justice brothers…with tidbits you just don’t get anywhere else. Its why you listen! AI, apocalypse postponed, liquidity surges, Frat Boy Powell….it is all broken down in this special episode. In addition, the boys discuss the coming two weeks. Both the boys are on board with a continue bullish victory and break it down in the Market Skyline segment of the podcast. Bulls won the first half, you win every week listen but proper posture was killed forever by Jay Powell this week so sit up, show that posture and listen to another fantastic episode of the Trading Justice podcast!!!

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