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In this episode of the podcast, we start by analyzing the current market conditions.  Earnings season is half-way done, and we break down all the action across stocks, currency, commodities and economic indicators.  The NASDAQ is leading the market and heading for the best monthly gain since January up 5.4%.  Will tech continue to lead?  Tune in and get our analysis.

Our feature presentation is a deep dive on the Bullish Retracement pattern.  We focus on how to identify and qualify this trading pattern.  Primary qualifications include trend, liquidity, candle retracement guidelines, how to read a technical catalyst, identify signal candles and recognize confirmation candles.  This is a must listen, especially if you’re a delta/directional trader who is looking for guidelines on how to qualify your trades.

During our special segments, we bring back an old favorite ‘Clown of the Week’ where we nominate people who have excelled in doing something clown worthy.  Lastly, we update the team on our Game of Thrones predictions from last podcast after the recent episode.  We love the show!  And, this was an incredible episode if you are a GoT fan. 

1:10 Market Skyline

26:00 Bullish Retracements

1:05:30 Clown of the Week

1:25:50 GoT Death Bowl Update 

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In this episode of the podcast, Matt and Tim break down the markets recent activity across stocks, commodities, currencies and more during the market skyline.  They discuss IPO’s upcoming earnings and Bitcoin’s recent rally. 

During the feature presentation, Mark brings 8 popular theories that pop up in the investing world about how and why the Stock Market might Collapse.  There is a sub-cultural and cottage industry on bloggers and writers predicting the doom of the stock market. This creates an environment and limits participants as many individuals not only feel their money isn’t safe in the markets but that the markets are likely to collapse at any time and leads to irresponsible financial decisions. Yet, the market keeps on chugging along. Matt and Tim give their opinions on whether there’s value in the theories or not. 

Next, Mark and Tim answer questions during our popular Coaches Mailbag segment regarding Netflix’s growth despite their burning cash, what technical analysis books to read for beginners and a surprise Quora question about Bitcoin.

Lastly, we love Game of Thrones, and this last episode was epic.  We discuss the upcoming expectations on who will live and die.  Matt has some strong theories, and interesting takes on what will happen in Winterfell.

Market Skyline: 1:40

Feature: Market Crash Theories: 41:20

Coaches Mailbag: 1:34:20

GoT Death Draft: 1:47:10

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In this episode of the podcast, Matt and Tim welcome Slawomir Juraszek aka Slawek J.  Slawek was born and raised in Poland, came to the US in 2002, started trading in 2008 and is a professional day trader.  He’s a down to earth guy, family man and wonderful person.  Enjoy the interview and learn about the structured approach he has in his trading.  From his first trade in Ford stock, as a mechanic working for a Ford dealership, to now where he day trades for his living, it’s an incredible story and journey.

Before the interview, the boys break down the markets in the Market Skyline.  Earnings season is upon us, and although the volatility and action has been low the last few weeks, that should change soon.  Get our take on the markets across stocks, currency, commodities and more.

During our segments, we discuss Step 1 of the 7-step guide to trading.  The first step is to start at the top of the markets during your daily routine.  Matt and Tim talk about the importance of top down analysis for you as a trader.  Lastly, we rank 10 companies in the importance we see in their upcoming earnings reports.  Who are we excited about?  Who do we think will be a non-event?  Listen in and here our opinions about companies like Las Vegas Sands, United Health and Netflix.

1:45 Market Skyline

26:00 Slawomir Juraszek

54:04 Seven Steps

1:07:00 Rank Earnings

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In this episode of the podcast, we welcome Brandon Diaz to the show.  Brandon is engaging, inspiring and has depth.  You are going to love the interview we conduct, where Matt and Tim ask Brandon about his journey, from not doing well as a student, to joining the Military, and then becoming a Real Estate Investor.  Brandon specializes in many things, but he’s particularly skilled at no money down transactions, and how to get creative in solving problems between buyers and sellers in the Real Estate market.  He’s done a lot in his nearly 10 years investing, and we asked him to take some questions from our students during our Coaches Mailbag feature.  This is a CAN’T MISS interview. 

Before we interview Brandon, we discuss current market conditions in the Market Skyline.  Earnings season starts this week, stocks have been bullish, and so has Crude Oil and The US Dollar.  Will it continue?  The team analyzes the market action and gives you insight into what is happening out there.

At the end of the show, we have a fun discussion about the TV Show the Game of Thrones.  All of us love the show, here at Trading Justice, and we are eagerly anticipating Season 8 premiering this week.  Who will live?  Who will die?  Who will reign?  Get our best guesses, and fan theories about some of these questions.

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In this episode of the podcast, Matt, Tim and Mark have a fun and informative show.

During the market skyline, the boys break down recent moves in equities, oil, currency and more.  Stocks are moving higher, so is oil, but there continue to be recession warnings across Europe and from key institutions.  What should traders expect next and throughout 2019?  Listen in for our analysis.

During the Feature Presentation, Tim interviews Beau Henderson.  Beau is a bestselling author of 9 books, host of The Rich Life show and writer for one of the largest financial publishing houses in the country. After watching his mom struggle financially due to the sudden death of his father, Beau Realized that he could make a profound difference by helping people navigate important financial decisions. Today he's the CEO of RichLife Advisors and has used his unique combined expertise in psychology and finance to help over 4 000 families with their unhealthy relationship with money. You’re going to love this interview.

After the feature, we answer some Coaches Mailbag questions about mistakes beginners make, how to use the scouting reports and how to build a community. 

Lastly, we have a fun segment where we name our top 5 songs of all time.  Music is a part of all of our lives, and we think you’ll enjoy the boys talking about the type of music they love.  Listen in, learn and enjoy!

01:55 Market Skyline

28:20 Beau Henderson

56:40 Coaches Mailbag

1:24:00 Top Five Songs

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