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Welcome to episode 515 of the Trading Justice Podcast where Matt and Mark discuss “The case for downside movement.” In episode 514 last week, The Justice boys discussed how far can the rally go and came to the conclusion that additional upward movement might be difficult due to the lack of bullish drivers/themes. This week they analyze how far could the market go down and what might the drivers be as we start the week in red. Earnings, inflation, recession, The Fed, valuation and external factors are all taken into account in their analysis. Will they same to the same conclusion for the bearish case as they did the bullish case? The boys also discuss the case for overweight commodities and what signals you should look for. Another great podcast in store for you so sit back and enjoy another episode of the Trading Justice podcast!

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Welcome to episode 514 of the Trading Justice podcast where Matt and Mark discuss “Can the market run from here?” There are two levels of analysis on price action in the markets, how far can the market rise and how far can it fall and we dive deep into the “how far can the market rise” side of the equation in this podcast.  The markets have enjoyed a stellar start to the year but what are the macro and thematic factors that could drive the market from here? Mark asks Matt a lot of questions across different areas of the market including The Fed, inflation, recessionary risks, earnings and even animal spirits. Matt quite frankly was in the zone in his analysis as he breaks down the potential on these factors for the market to take another leg up from here. A great and timely podcast so sit back and enjoy another edition of the Trading Justice podcast!!!

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Welcome to episode 513 of the Trading Justice podcase where Matt and Mark discuss what has been a very busy week in the markets! Since our last podcast, we have had a slew of central bank meeting, two Jay Powell speeches, an unemployment report and hundreds of company earnings. Where are we from a big picture standpoint? More important does any of that matter in a world that is being dominated by technical analysis! Matt breaks down the importance of technical analysis along with a tremendous breakdown of the macro and earnings picture. Matt and Mark also discuss the increasing prevalence 0DTE (zero days til expiration) trading and how it is impacting momentum. 0DTE may be a new concept for many but it certainly something that is playing a big part in the daily price action and sustaining of trends. Matt and Mark break down some basics of 0DTE. One thing we know, this podcast will never have an expiration date so sit back and enjoy another edition of the Trading Justice podcast!

Market Skyline: 2:00

0DTE: 41:30

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