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Welcome to episode 546 of the Trading Justice podcast. In this episode, the Justice brothers turn their attention to recent market developments, notably emphasizing the decisions and statements from four key central banks. They'll dissect and discuss what these collective moves might mean for future interest rates and how they could potentially shape the direction of both domestic and global markets.

The Fed's recent announcements have been particularly intriguing. Rather than providing clarity, their messages seem to raise more questions about the path forward, leading to market speculation and uncertainty. The Justice boys will delve into these signals, attempting to decode their significance and potential impact on investors and traders.

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Welcome to episode 545 of the Trading Justice podcast which is brought to you be the letter S. The dreaded stagflation word is creeping its way back into the market lingo after this week’s economic inflationary data and the Justice boys break down the current macro environment. Along those lines, the brothers analyze a “Top 10” list of reasons a recession might be coming down the line. What are the things the boys are worried about the most in the coming months? What should we be looking for? One thing we might all be looking for is higher commodity prices and the Justice boys analyze what has been a good trading environment recently. The macro backdrop might be a little sticky, but this podcast is enjoyable and informative!!! So sit back and get your macro on as you enjoy another edition of the Trading Justice podcast!!!

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Welcome to episode 544 of the Trading Justice podcast where the Justice boys talk oil. Energy has been something the boys have been way ahead of the market on the last couple months and the brothers talk the recent run up in oil. Does it have more room to go? What is behind the latest move? The brothers break it all down. The Justice brothers also discuss the coming week of catalysts after last week’s reprieve. What are the important events for the week? Where do we stand at from a technical standpoint? A few informative and enlightening podcast to start your week right! As you have come to expect. So sit back and know that we will never cut production to boost prices as you enjoy another episode of the Trading Justice podcast!

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Welcome to episode 543 of the Trading Justice podcast where the Justice Boys kick off the month of September talking about the developing “Stock Pickers Market.” This market is quietly becoming an excellent stock pickers market and the Justice brothers discuss what a Stock Pickers Market is and the importance of you developing your stock picking skills. Speaking of September, the month doesn’t have the greatest month for historical returns. What do the boys think about September seasonality? How much credence do they put into it? The brothers also discuss the potential of consumer staples stocks continuing their slide, what bears need to get it right this time, oil’s continued strength and the impact of China’s recent actions on commodities prices. So sit back and relax from your post Labor Day barbeque as you listen to another fantastic episode of the Trading Justice podcast!

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