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In this episode, Coach Matt teaches a detailed lesson on Swing Trading from a webinar on our YouTube channel. We bring the audio to you in its entirety so that you can get a chance to learn about this powerful tactic in trading. Whether you are a day trader, swing trader, position trader, or investor, you can improve your trading system through a better understanding of price action, trends, patterns, and directional trades. 

If you're interested more in the STEP System, you can go to and learn more about this powerful swing trading premium course. Or, simply email us at

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In this episode, Coach Matt discusses the trade identification, primary qualifications, and secondary qualifications for the Bullish Retracement technical chart pattern. Corrective retracements occur when the price on a chart comes down from a recent swing pivot high in an uptrend. The pattern is one of the core tradable patterns as taught in the STEP System at Tackle Trading. Listen in to learn from the architect of the system in this week's feature presentation. 

Before that, Coach Tim and Matt analyze the current market conditions during the Market Skyline. Stocks have retraced from recent pivot highs on the indexes, Crude Oil broke out of short-term resistance, and Bitcoin is trying to stabilize after last week's drop. Listen in to the coaches discuss what's happening with inflation, regulatory risk coming out of China, Apple's recent drop after a court ruling on the Epic Games trial, and sector analysis from a top-down perspective. 

1:25 Market Skyline

41:40 Bullish Retracements

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In this episode, Tyler Craig joins the podcast to discuss his recent newsletter on the roller coaster price action in the lumber markets over the last 18 months. Tyler does a fantastic job breaking down the storyline of price movement and the causal factors at play over the last 18 months. However, Tyler also provides enlightening commentary on what you can learn and apply from this saga regardless of whether you ever trade a lumber future contract or not. It really is a thought-provoking interview with a fascinating journey down recent price action all wrapped into one interview. 

Before that, the coaches analyze the market conditions during our weekly skyline. The unemployment report came out on Friday and the numbers came in a little soft. Matt breaks down what he thinks that means in relation to the big question topics the market is facing. In addition, the coaches break down the market action at the start of the week from Matt’s humorous take on a fascinating doji in equities to the failed breakout in Bitcoin.

1:30 Market Skyline

40:50 Tyler Craig

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