Trading Justice

In this episode, we bring Coach's Noah Davidson and Tyler Craig onto the podcast to debate whether Stocks or Options are better products to trade with.  In this weekend's scouting reports, Coach Noah made his case for stocks as the best product while Coach Tyler laid out his case for options to be the best product.  Listen in as we have some fun debating the merits of both.

Before that, Matt, Tim and Mark analyze the broad markets during our weekly skyline.  Stocks have broken out, and are currently rallying on bullish momentum.  The major storylines have been around the potential for fiscal stimulus and this week's start of earnings season for the market.  Listen in as we give our insights into the markets.

Lastly, in the spirit of the Lakers winning the NBA championship, Coach Mark asks Tim and Matt to guess which NBA players are in the top 15 of all time.  The great debate is about who holds the #1 spot - Lebron James or Michael Jordan.  But, it's fun to talk about some of the other greats as we guess the names on this list.

1:55 Market Skyline

37:40 Stock Options Battle

1:20:40 NBA Game

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