Trading Justice

In this episode, we welcome Noah Davidson to the podcast.  Noah is a trader, coach, instructor and charting specialist.  We talk to Noah about the recent technical conditions in stocks, Bullish Retracement patterns, how to qualify them and what he likes to see when they occur.  Listen in for a veteran traders insights into the conditions we see today.

Before that, Matt, Tim and Mark analyze the major themes in the market during our Skyline.  The Federal Reserve met last week, and markets reacted to their policy statement with selling.  Thursday's trading was the biggest drop in a few months for one day.  Along with that, we've seen an uptick in Covid-19 cases recently.  What does it all mean?  We break it down and give you some insight into how we're seeing this market reaction and the conditions in front of us right now.

Lastly, we bring back a popular game 'Clown of the Week' to have some fun.  All four coaches submit a candidate to earn their clown shoes.  This is a fun segment, that we have some laughs with.  Listen in to see if you agree on who deserves the award.

2:55 Market Skyline

37:30 Noah Davidson

1:18:30 Clown of the Week

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