Trading Justice

In this episode, Tim sit's down with Matt to discuss the state of Financial Education in 2020.  Matt is the CEO of Tackle Trading, the architect of the STEP System course which teaches Stop Loss, Targeting, Entry Triggers and Position sizing to traders, and the co-host of this podcast.  Listen in as Matt talks about the approach to proper education, how to develop as a trader and how to use the STEP System course.  

The STEP System course is currently being offered at a 50% discount.  If you're not enrolled yet, you can do so here:

Before that, Mark and Tim analyze the current state of the markets during our skyline. Stocks are at support after a back and forth month.  The current risk in the market lies in Covid-19 cases spiking, continued tensions from China, bad economic data and a lack of further stimulus from the goverment that the market expects.  Will support hold?  That is yet to be determined.  We give you all of our insights and thoughts on the current state of markets during this section so you can be better informed.

Lastly, Mark has a game for Matt and Tim where we guess what acronyms are most popular via text message.  In today's form of communication, text is one of the most popular.  How do you shorten your conversations?  Have some LOL's with us while we have some fun guessing which ones are most popular today.

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