Trading Justice

In this episode, Pete Thomas joins the podcast to bring his insight on the current state of the metals market. Whenever Pete and Matt discuss metals and the macro-environment surrounding the metals market it is always a lively and insightful discussion and this time it was no different. Matt and Pete discuss inflation, gold, what Pete is seeing in demand for precious metals, and copper. Pete breaks some news occurring with mining strikes just happening in South America which might impact the supply-demand equation. For commodity enthusiasts, this is an analytical and insightful feature presentation.

Before that, Tim and Mark discuss the broad market conditions in our weekly skyline. Broad markets find themselves in a tight range near all-time highs to start the month of August and Tim and Mark discuss the coming week of earnings and catalysts for the week ahead. Oil is potentially stuck in a range and Bitcoin is potentially showing some signs of life as well. Listen in as Mark and Tim discuss the current price action and news to give you some insight into the markets this week.

Lastly, Pete joins Matt, Tim, and Mark in a fun-spirited game of “Quote This” based on quotes from famous individuals named Pete. Pete Rose had some good lines and there are a surprising number of fictional characters named Pete from Peter Pan to Peter Parker. Listen in to a fun-spirited way to end the podcast.

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